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Valeriu Eusebiu Lungu

Web Development


Web Development

Valeriu Lungu - Web Developer My name is Valeriu Lungu and I'm a web developer and team lead based in Germany with more than thirteen years of successful professional experience in IT and web technologies, eight of which as a programmer.
During my career, I came in direct contact and used the newest web development technologies (like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript with all its major consecrated libraries).
In addition to the above, I successfully handled the UX implementation of all the projects me or my team have been involved in, but also sometimes the back-end programming with tools and programming languages like Python, Django, PHP, MySQL.
I'm also managing my own Linux servers and I feel comfortable with an empty, cold terminal console. :)

Work Description

I have worked on a large variety of projects, varying from simple presentation websites to complex Magento e-Commerce applications. Various development and testing platforms have been used, as all my applications can reside and work flawlessly on most of the servers available today.
This brochure is meant to present the most important projects I finalized during my freelance career. Feel free to browse it!

My concepts

  • In Leadership → Do what’s right, even if it’s tough
  • In Collaboration → Leverage our collective genius, be a team
  • In Transparency → Be real
  • In Accountability → Recognize that if it is to be, it’s up to me
  • In Passion → Show commitment in heart and mind
  • In Quality → Ensure what we do, we do well

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("Pet project") Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript,


jQuery, Python, Django, MySQL

Leads Capturing System - SaaS

Technologies: HTML, CSS 2&3, JavaScript, jQuery, Python,

marketing application (USA)

Django, MySQL, various APIs, Ubuntu 10.04LTS server admin

Main features of the LCS platform

The LCS marketing platform allows the customer to provide his marketing services to an ever growing number of individual members who, in turn, get access to their individual marketing applications which they can manage in all aspects: content, leads and contacts, marketing campaigns and e-mails etc. Started as a simple interface allowing the creation and management of a few separate websites, the LCS marketing platform grew up to meet almost all of the key characteristics of a SaaS application:

  1. Network-based access to, and management of, individual (completely separated) marketing applications;
  2. The resources are managed from a central location, enabling customers to access applications remotely via the Web;
  3. Centralized feature updating, upgrading and technical support.

Other features

Besides being built as a "Software as a Service" application, the LCS marketing platform integrates a number or various, complex external APIs (like Infusion's XML-RPC API or iContact's RESTful one) handling the secure management of personal or payment data of members or leads.


Along with seamlessly integrating third-party technologies in order to provide an entirely new, dedicated marketing service, the platform makes heavy use of many Linux Server OS features, making the deployment of new applications for new members completely automatic, not requiring any human intervention at all. This leads to the fact that, from registration until having access to almost ten websites with predefined lead capturing webforms with an integrated and individual administration interface, a member needs exactly two minutes.

"Exist" - social business and

Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Python,

blogging platform (RO)

Django, MySQL

Main features of the "Exist" platform

Meant to be not only a simple website, nor just a simple blog (and not even just a simple combination between the two), the "Exist" social business platform offers much more interactivity:

  • users can vote the posts;
  • users can post their own articles;
  • participants can comment in an open environment;
  • much more...

All the features above, along with a powerful CMS allowing the publication of dynamic content, are integrated into a unified administration interface which allows the beneficiary to efficiently manage all aspects linked to the proper functioning of such an application: approving posts, managing user accounts, controlling the exact way the information is displayed.


The main achievement in this project was finding a successful way of displaying and letting the users manage the information on the website, in a simple yet fast and efficient way: by using AJAX technologies, posts can be up- or down-voted by users in real-time, which influences the order in which the articles are displayed → most voted posts appear the first. Besides this, a special attention was given to various basic (yet sometimes neglected) SEO techniques: inter-linking, cathegorizing, URL generation, keywording etc.

Strativari counseling Praxis (CH)

Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Python,


Django, MySQL

Main features of the "Strativari" website

One of our most important achievements, the Strativari website features a completely customizable front-end, so that the beneficiary can use the admin interface and mix his own images and colors (for the background, all states of the menus and sub-menus - both fore- and background). This, along with the (unusual for a non-Flash website) shape of the user interface, makes it a really unique website.

Other features:

The customer was given the possibility to change virtually every color aspect of his website: the menus normal and hover state foreground and background colors, the overall page background color, the page background image and so on.


One of the most important achievements was our success in building this application without the use of SEO non-friendly techniques, like Flash or similar. We have accomplished our goals just by using Python, Django, XHTML, CSS and JS - all of them, of course, on top of our already mature, production-ready CMS.
In addition to those, the website can be browsed from a mobile device like the iPhone or iPad just like you would on a computer!

CMOSVision GmbH (CH)

Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Python,


Django, MySQL

Main features of the "CMOSVision" website

This website is meant to serve as a real on-line business-card for the customer. It presents the visitor with the technical aspects of the professional activity of the company, its history and its products. This was achieved through a professional looking, minimalistic design and website structure.


The website is powered by the CMS. It allows easy customization of all content presentation aspects: text, headings, menu entries and image galleries. Typical presentation website.

Hela Travel tour operator (RO)

Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript,


jQuery, Python, Django, MySQL

Aquarius Foundation for Holistic

Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript,

Medicine (RO)

jQuery, Python, Django, MySQL

Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of

Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript,

Australia and New Zealand (AU)

jQuery, Python, Django, MySQL

Main features of the "ROEANZ" website

The website was created for the Romanian Orthodox community of Australia and New Zealand, in order to bring news about the Christian Orthodox church closer to its members. Besides a complex news publishing system, the website features a completely automated saint-of-the-day displaying engine and a detailed Orthodox calendar. Both the effective content and the news are linked to a RSS feeds publishing system, so that using common software the users can stay up to date with the changes in the website. Every aspect of the website was approached using with SEO in mind, since one of the main goals of it was to bring news to the whole community living on the Australian continent.


Following the search engine optimized programming and implementation of the content, the website reached a Google Page Rank of 4 in only three months since opening, without any additional SEO campaigns. This means that the favorable position in the search results lists was obtained without the client having to spend any money for this.

ResponseIT online store (IE)

Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery


Main features of the "ResponseIT" website

OS-like behavior; Proprietary PHP-powered CMS, allowing the customer to change every piece of content, including the windows sizes, types, initial positions etc.

Other features:

Products display, instant-operating shopping cart with PayPal check-out, usage of new AJAX technologies, implementation of a third-party popular on-line real-time chat system (PHPLiveSupport).


Creation of three OS-like interfaces (Windows Vista, MacOS X, Linux), with respect to the general behavior of such an operating system, all of this using no Flash but only SEO-compliant technologies. Intelligent usage of AJAX technologies in order to memorize positions ans statuses of the windows at browser closing time. Integration and iteraction with external services, like whois-services and third-party live chat servers.

Real Estate Web Application

Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Python


Django, PostgreSQL, FlexMLS

Main features of the "Real Estate" website

We developed a very complex real estate web application, allowing users to post items and search for them. The system features complex database structures, so that for each item there are more than a hundred available characteristics (be it a piece of land, an apartment, a house or some commercial space).
Because of the large number of both fields and entries in the database, the DBMS of our choice was PostgreSQL.

Other features:

The website features, besides a complete CMS, a powerful AJAX-powered search system. JavaScript was also intelligently used in order to help users navigate through items, see their details and their pictures more easily.


Complex implementation of the FlexMLS real-estate API. Simple to use (but complex in the background) AJAX powered, almost instantaneous search system.

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