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Web Design

Sorin Borcea - Designer Sorin Borcea is a freelance designer living in Germany, with more than ten years experience in creative design, computer graphics and animation.
The tools of the trade are Adobe CS4, Corel, Gimp, 3ds Max 2010, Maya and Bryce.
Since he is not entirely allergic to programming, he often finds himself involved in working with ActionScript and MaxScript. He is also very attached to his pen-sketch tablet, his only regret being that the pen cannot be sharpened in a more old-fashioned manner.

Work Description

Our web designs are modern, purpose-oriented and appealing. Each of them was created with respect to the website design trends, taking into account the variety of monitor resolutions and, upon the customer's request, some of them are also optimized for mobile devices like palm personal assistants, mobile phones and other such devices.
However, since our leading philosophy is to give the customer the special role he/she deserves in the development plan of any application, all our website designs are custom tailored following the customer's requests.
At the same time, we are handling all the important aspects of the utility and functionality of a website starting from the design phase, by taking into account all aspects relating to the search engine optimization (SEO), ergonomy, the usage and role of special technologies that are to be used (like AJAX, for example) and so on.

"Cochet Design" website concept

« simple, unsophisticated design


a suitable image for a wedding organizer »

Traditional karate club website

« Sobriety, simplicity, discipline. This traditional


karate club website inscribes itself onto these coordinates. »

Technical documentation concept

« complete image concept for a technical


documentation writing company »

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